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Lena Shey Art Gallery

A New World

New Age Women

Lena Shey's series of oil paintings about women and power of feminine energy. 

A New World

Lena Shey_A New World_2019_Oil on canvas_24x24%22_Big.jpg
Lena Shey_A New World_2019_Oil on canvas_24x24%22_Big.jpg

A New World


Original Oil on Canvas, 24"W x 24"H x 1.5"D.

When I snorkeled the first time in my life at the breathtaking Palawan Islands of Philippines a couple years ago, I unveiled a brand new world--sharks, sting ray, turtles, all kinds of fish, underwater corals and forest. This world inside the vast ocean was always there, yet it took me a very long time to discover its existence. As I continue my exploration in different dimensions, more doors are opened to me.

Gallery wrapped canvas stretched on 1.5 inch deep heavy duty frame with stable-free and painted edges. A hanging wire is installed, so framing is not needed.

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