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Lena Shey artist biography

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Art - A Spiritual Journey

My passion for art and photography is to spread the messages of love, peace, and unity to our world community. My artwork and photos embody my personal and spiritual transformation on my life journey. I am evolving through creating artwork, embracing and capturing the present moment and space in nature.

My art and photo creation process is very fluid led by my soul and spirit. Inspired by different culture, arts, world travel experiences, and diverse spiritual learning, I manifest the flow of creativity and higher energy vibration within me on canvases and digital photos.

My desire for expressing my soul through creating artwork started when I was a child in Shanghai, China. I spent countless hours on learning drawing and painting mostly on my own and from art teachers in school. I moved to the America later. After taking classes in art and photography and obtaining BA in Art and MBA, I worked in the IT and business world for many years. 2015 was a transformation year for me, when I found my new spiritual calling to heal the world through creating inspiring artwork and photos. I left the "corporate rat race" to pursue my artistic and spiritual endeavor.